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July 2022

Biden promised rich donors that 'nothing would fundamentally change.' He kept his promise. Now we're all paying the price.
There's no backing down in the face of fascism.

June 2022

The GOP's assault on women's rights lands a devastating blow.
The Democratic leaders who are supposedly “defending democracy” spent the Trump years enabling him, and have perpetuated his policies.
Biden and Pelosi are determined to strengthen the party of white supremacy. Why not boost leftists instead of fascists?

May 2022

Listen to an unfiltered conversation about America's gun violence catastrophe.
There are many ways to fight the system and win.
It's hard to process how many things are wrong with this country.
America has exceeded the grim milestone of a million lives lost to COVID-19. And political leaders are pretending the pandemic is done.
One of the most common refrains in American politics is that Democrats have moved "too far left." Spoiler: They haven't.

April 2022

Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden should face serious consequences for their behavior.