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Hi there, Peter - and thanks for continuing to fight the good progressive fight. We need more like you in this world!

I’ve been so moved to read your Russia/Ukraine-centered posts - especially “I Survived War and I Condemn Militarism Everywhere”. Shahid Buttar, who’s running against Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco’s newly-redistricted 11th Congressional District, has views very much in line with yours regarding the conflict. Shahid will, in fact, be present this Sunday 3/6 at San Francisco’s “Code Pink” rally for peace (one of several taking place up and down the West Coast that Day).

As you know from experience, every voice that can break through the establishment logjam is crucial. I humbly ask that you please interview Shahid on your Callin show, as he faces a huge uphill battle against the corporate Dem machine - he’s a fountain of information on a wide range of topics outside of the foreign policy stage too. You can reach the campaign at press@shahidforchange.us.

Thanks again - here’s to peace.

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