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My daughter teaches in a less affluent high school. Today she had a student who is obviously quite ill but is behind in credits and wants to stay in class. He refuses to get tested so he won't have to quarantine. She has multiple students testing positive most days. The district superintendent has vowed to stay in person despite other nearby districts returning to online learning.

It's difficult to see her risking her life like this. Her husband is living separately temporarily due to his health issues and concerns about becoming infected. The students are terribly stressed - not from being denied in person school but from anxiety due to being forced to be in person as this district has no option for remote schooling.

What kind of country have we become?

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One of the few benefits of being a consumer attorney is having to fight large organizations on a regular basis. That said, I will personally bring an action against the local school district unless they convince me that it is the state of California that is refusing to fund remote learning and providing adequate protection to kids in which case I'm in federal Court suing the state. 3 of my grandkids are in the district and God help the neolib administrator who threatens them directly or otherwise. Enough is enough.

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